Monday, March 29, 2010

i fell for it.

Goodness me, goodness my, I did it. I totally gave into the temptation. I was done seeing pictures everywhere I looked of gals with beautiful, blue hair. I had to try it, i had to take a leap of faith. I am quite in love with it:) I got the dye at Rite Aid and I followed all the directions and waited for about 45 minutes and presto, magical happenings in my hair.
P.S I got invited to start a LOOKBOOK!!! Whoop! I love the concept and I have been wanting to start one and finally got the chance. Thanks for the invite Gemini:) Check it out here!
P.S.S I'm still waiting for all of you San Diego fashion bloggers to let me know you are are late for tea, naughty!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


p.s I kind of wish we had barstools and a dunce caps...
p.s.s Are there any other fashion bloggers that live in San Diego? If so, lets go thrifting!

Monday, March 22, 2010

one year ago.

I really never thought I would be writing this, but today is Crumpets&T's first year anniversary!!!! What? I know crazy right? I would have never thought I was going to start a fashion blog with my friend and generate photo shoots, do extensive amounts of research and exploring, last but not least, posting photos of our lives, outfits, thoughts and dreams.One whole year of inspiring, enlightening and creating has taught me so much. Being part of the fashion blog world is like no other experience. At first it is so intimidating because other blogs have massive amounts of followers, out of this world headers, and best of all, posts that will leave you questioning your self about things you never thought you could think of. I remember looking at popular blogs and wishing and hoping and working for this blog to be just as great. I believe that so far it is the best it could be! This blog has given us a place to share something so dear to us that some other people don't understand; fashion. So we would like to thank ALL of our followers, occasional visitors, commenter's, other bloggers, the supportive people, the insurers and most of all fashion. Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments that make us want to work 10 times harder. Thank you and we hope we can have many more amazing years with all of you! Long live Crumpets&T, long live fashion.
However, now it is just myself, Bianca blogging. Isabella has her own personal blog instead of the both of us sharing.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

whimsical creatures of the underworld

" All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."
- Edgar Allan Poe

Saturday, March 6, 2010

'Fashion Rules' at Nieman Marcus

The DENIM DRESSING collection

You've got to love this dress. Wait ... you have to love this dress. Yes.

What an amazing combo, huh? Metallic Tory Burch loafers and camo tights ... fierce!

eeeeek thats me!

I just had to take a picture of one of the favorite pieces of jewelry I own, the Marc Jacobs Daisy ring.

Yours truly below.

TRIBAL Collection

This spectator's dress looked stunning from the angel below, I just wanted to walk up to her and ask if I could pet her ruffles. Not weird at all.

Complete with sky high heels, exotic hors d'oeuvres I could not even begin to figure out how to spell, and DJ BeatNick, who probably learned his skill from DJ Tiesto himself, I was invited to San Diego Magazine's presentation of "Fashion Rules" Spring 2010 Trends fashion show at Neiman Marcus on Thursday, March 4th. As the youngest blogger there, I enjoyed every tasteful moment of this lively, upbeat concoction of young, old, tall, and short (me) people inside the gleaming, upscale store at Fashion Valley Mall.

I spent the night strolling around with my camera in hand, feeling quite professional if I may say so myself;), taking quick snapshots of people wearing combinations of clothes that I liked, and the occasional Kodak moment of a model strutting by with a glossed pout and beaming Christian Louboutin's strapped to her feet.

There were three trends being showcased that night: TRIBAL (no drums and headdresses included, I know ... bummer!) DENIM DRESSING, FEMININE DRAPING, and my favorite BLUE. The outfit I praised the most was a little dress decked out in sparkly blue sequins (I believe my liking of shinny objects moving at a certain speed made me fall in love with it.)