Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Come Down the Rabbit Hole.

Going into the walk-through set. Isabella and Bianca (us bloggers) lead the way into the magical adventure.

The flowers would actualy blink and breathe! What?!?!?

This doesn't need a caption Hopfully we all know this is the hat that adorns the Mad Hatter's head!

The work of art we are all dyeing to see on Sir Johnny Depp.

Goodness! The most beautiful Tea Party table in the world!

mmm yummy...

Alice's enchanting and whimsicall dress.

All Photos Taken by Bianca Valle
What in the name of tea cups and saucers is going on? you may ask. Well, let me asist you. During the summer, Isabella and I attended the wonderous and world famous (i think) Comic-Con Convention in San Diego, 2009! We danced our way around the convention hall viewing wonderful hand-made trinkets, masses of comic books, grown men dressed as Anime creatures they wish they were, and "Alice and Wonderland" seekers.

As many of us do, I really enjoy the whole "Twilight" scene. That's what lured me into spending the night on the crunchy, cold grass outside of "Hall H" - along with another one thousand Twihards - to earn a spot in the front row during the New Moon panel where the live cast would answer questions from the audience. However I shall save all those bloody detailes for a later date:)> (attempt at vampire smiley)

While waiting for the cast of New Moon to show their lovely faces, we got to see numerous previews of upcoming movies! Whoop! This is when the magic and tea cups started flying. They debuted the "Alice in Wonderland" movie trailer which literally made me pee my pants. To make the experience even better, they played it three more times. However, I think Tim Burton (the movie's director there in flesh and blood and with a head of unrulie curls), personally cued the repetition of the trailer, did that for strategic purposes because "someone" was terribly late ... naughty. That "someone" was the one and only god of being-any-character-thrust-upon-him ... JOHNNY DEPP! The crowd roared with screams (myself, yes, i shed a tear. What are you going to do?) He made his stay very brief. He waved, bowed, smiled and left the stage. What?! I know. It's OK, at least he came right? Anyhow, after this episode, a little voice said on the overcom "My children, don't forget to follow (Twitter name I don't remember) on Twitter to be invited to a very important date" (this was said in a little female Cockney English accent:)) I followed it, and in about twenty minutes there was a tweet saying "please come to the Mad Hater tea party at (address given)". LET'S GO!

Outside of a vacant restaurant in downtown San Diego, there was an enormous, and I mean huge, "Alice in Wonderland" sign. When we approached the building, a sweet lady handed us a key and said, "Hello, and welcome. You are about to experience the artistry and inspiration of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" in theatres March 5th." Yet again I peed my pants. We walked in, and their was a massive wooden door accompanied by flourishing ferns. We pushed it open, and went down the rabbit whole! That led us to a walk-through set of the movie, complete with all of the characters' costumes all the way down to the bottles that Alice drinks out of. There were glass cases filled with props from the movie. I believe the thing I remember the most was that the Queen of Hearts shoes were a size 5. That means they could fit me ... four years ago! Our guide lead us through three rooms. The first one was where Alice first is in the movie and she drinks the famous "DRINK ME" bottles. Then we scampered off to the tea party set. I couldn't even believe how beautifully that was set up. After that, that last room, was a mixture of the Ice Queen and Queen of Hearts sets with their costumes and props in the appropriate places.
This opportunity was so marvelous and unexpected it made me want to see the movie one hundred times more! I hope every one gets a chance to see it when it releases March 5!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

jeremy scott.

Jewels. Crosses. Eyeliner.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold Shoulder

Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2010

Rodarte fall 2010

Rebecca Taylor fall 2010

Peter Som fall 2010

Karen Walker fall 2010

Alexa Chung for Madewell fall 2010

ADAM fall 2010

Sources: style.com
Dear Marc Jacobs,
COULD YOU BE ANY MORE AMAZING!! Once again he has captivated our hearts into his own little world of fashion. Although he didn't use as many bright colors and patterns in his outfits this time, the pieces were put together so beautifully, that he didn't even need the craziness.
Rodarte might had made my favorite dresses of this season. The creme colored beauties just made me want to play with woodland creatures in the forest all day. You could tell that the dresses were extremely well crafted and were made with love.
Rebecca Taylor's collection was also one of my favorites. All her clothes looked so light and wearable that anyone could pull them off. The pieces looked so comfortable yet you look dressed to kill. All the earth tones looked so amazing together, like they were crafted by gods.
Oh Peter, can you say uhhhmazing! That one green shiny dress (in the pictures above) stole my heart!! It was old fashion chic, that I would die to have. And those dark lips, can you say yum!
Peter Som isn't a designer that is mentioned a lot in the blog world but should be.
Karen Walker, another incredible show. I think we can all say that those knee socks are a must not matter where you are. Also, the shoulders on some pieces where beyond little shoulder pads, she brought it to the next level, yarn. I died.
Miss Alexa Chung. Not only can she have one of my favorite shows on television, but boy does she know how to dress. Once I saw that she came out with a line for Madewell, my heart leaped. Of course she brought her mix of school girl/grandma/tom boy, and combined it into pieces that made you wanna hop on a plane and go to London.
Another amazing collection would be ADAM's. He used plain pieces that turned into something gorgeous, just with a hint of detail. Loved loved his cute little uptown girl pants, and his beautifully crafted cocktail dresses.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wang is wearing Wasson's Rag and Bone to New York Fashion Week 2010

Alexander Wang Fall 2010

Rag & Bone Fall 2010

Erin Wasson X RVCA

Source: nylonmag.com
Wangy, Wang, Wang! He never stops impressing and surprising us with his incredible designs only thinkable from the fashion gods themselves. His pieces are extremely beautiful yet, when I see his collections, I picture simple, basic clothing falling into a vat of toxic waste then coming out all souped up and amazing. I want to say that my favorite garment was the studded/beaded/I don't know/polka dotted black blazer that Abby Lee wore in the show. It could be worn as a crisp, business blazer or a going-out number that will blow everyone's mind away.
Wang man, keep up the fabulous, please!
The Rag & Bone collection made me ask myself, "Does my father own any cardigans?" What was your first thought?? All of these chunky, over-sized pieces for fall make me want to raid my mother's, father's, and brother's closets and layer any cold-colored sweaters I can lay my ring- covered fingers on. The layers and layers of scarfs, sweaters, cardigans and coats are very inspirational for all of us to be fearless and unafraid to envelop ourselves in two, three, maybe even four layers of warmth this fall. All hail the never-ending layers and bulky scarves. (Even though its never-ending sun and heat here in Southern California, I am going to try these looks anyway:D)
Miss Wasson, I am somewhat quite in love with the white scheme going on here. The easy-going designs make me want to wear white all the time. The tattered and distressed pieces made me want to take a cheese grater to my closet! Thank you for that:) What do you guys think of the pre-torn/warn-out clothing these days in fashion? I love it! Any who, I really enjoyed the warmth and coziness of most of these garments, especially that hat with the fuzz Mohawk. Erin really hit the nail on the head by incorporating fresh, breezy whites with the cold weather that fall brings.

Thursday, February 11, 2010