Monday, May 31, 2010

skeletals and webs.

Kittens, it's DIY time! I made a skull cut out shirt in approximately 8 minutes and I ADORE IT. First, I dug through every single space in my house that could possibly have a potential shirt for me to thrash. (I happen to find an oversized black one, but it has a Sony logo on it...such is life.)Then, I laid it out on a flat surface and with a pencil I lightly drew two eyes, a nose, and teeth that I could cut out so there would be holes. After that, I simply snipped the swatches of fabric out of the holes I drew and voila, skull skully shirt!
What is the spider web like thing clinging to the rest of my body, you may ask? I also attempted to make a "shredded T-shirt" which took FOREVER, but it is probably one of the most eye-catching shirts I own to this date. All I did to make it was rip the seem at the bottom of the shirt and then pull the threads apart until you get the effect you want. Might I add, I worked on it every day in my Physical Education class while my teacher was blabbing about the rules of gym games. Best investment of my time. Ever.
" Why would you spend your class time hunched over like a weaving grandma, just to kill a perfectly fine T-shirt?!" (Words from my beloved mother:))

Sunday, May 23, 2010

victory cry bueller.

Bianca: American Apparel leggings and mens T, Thrifted Jewel Keds.
Bailee: Thrifted USA shirt and leggings, DIY stud Keds, Vintage Rolling Stones jean jacket.
All rings: pawned, thrifted, stolen, smuggled and resold.

Friday, May 14, 2010

American Apperal sale for Flies.

Best cashiers at the sale, displaying my "Gift with Purchase"...I know...It was free OK!

YA! BAGS OF CLOTHES! Alright, before I explain the photos above, I want you to put your self in my shoes (at the time I was wearing Jones New York Combat Boots;)). If you walked into 500 square feet of clothes that were up to 85% off, what would you do and where would you start? Don't know? NEITHER DID I!!! On May 8, I set out to try and under take the task of rummaging through clothes at an American Apparel Flea Market Sale. The two-day sale started at 10 am and ended at 8 pm and was re-stalked every few hours. Lets just say I was in the lower level of the store fighting people off from my treasure-like stack of clothes for too many hours! With sweat running down my brow due to the heat of the large amount of people vigorously going through clothes, I managed to find some outrageously cheap and eccentric pieces. So, the break down of some of my favorite buys: three California Select Vintage dresses $10 each, California Select Vintage riding pants $10, Neon pink Gloria V body suit $12, Silver high waisted Hot Short $5, and "SELF SERVICE F/W 07" coffee table book for $4. Don't worry everyone, I spent all of my saved up money on these extremely necessary things:) I hope if there is ever a flea market sale near you, you attend for your benefit. I know I would go again in a heart beat.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

reflex of a kitty cat.

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, this is documentation of a glorious day at the mausoleum!...I wish. :) However, these photos are of a grand odyssey to a production of Hello Dolly at my high school. I enjoyed watching the classic show so thoroughly, I might just want to become that red-headed beauty with a melodic voice. As, you can see I had loads of fun overdressing for the theatre;)