Monday, May 31, 2010

skeletals and webs.

Kittens, it's DIY time! I made a skull cut out shirt in approximately 8 minutes and I ADORE IT. First, I dug through every single space in my house that could possibly have a potential shirt for me to thrash. (I happen to find an oversized black one, but it has a Sony logo on it...such is life.)Then, I laid it out on a flat surface and with a pencil I lightly drew two eyes, a nose, and teeth that I could cut out so there would be holes. After that, I simply snipped the swatches of fabric out of the holes I drew and voila, skull skully shirt!
What is the spider web like thing clinging to the rest of my body, you may ask? I also attempted to make a "shredded T-shirt" which took FOREVER, but it is probably one of the most eye-catching shirts I own to this date. All I did to make it was rip the seem at the bottom of the shirt and then pull the threads apart until you get the effect you want. Might I add, I worked on it every day in my Physical Education class while my teacher was blabbing about the rules of gym games. Best investment of my time. Ever.
" Why would you spend your class time hunched over like a weaving grandma, just to kill a perfectly fine T-shirt?!" (Words from my beloved mother:))


rebecca said...

Love that tee so much!!

Julls said...

I've DIY a tee and a blouse like this,they are perfect! Such an easy way to change a boring long tee.
Congratulation and keep on DIY-ing !


kyeongheelee12 said...

what an incredibly strange and curious looking skirty thing!

bonniebohemia said...

freshman! :)

Becca. said...

love your diy tee, it looks fab!

Raez said...

wow! your tee is amazing, love it.

xx raez

The Fashion Seen said...

Good idea on these DIY projects!

Especially since they can be a bit pricey elsewhere.

elke said...

Love this, and your blog (:
come visit mine?


adrienne said...

looooove the skully shirt! wear it with nothing underneath on a hot summer day!!

Jenny said...


what a creative idea & great realisation!

The pieces are actually wearable, fashionable and very trendy now but I would style them differently. I`d wear the pieces seperatly and pair them with contrasting shapes. I`d wear the torn shirt to grey skinny jeans and the webs over a skinny dress in nude tones.

Best, Jenny / Boheme Noir