Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wang is wearing Wasson's Rag and Bone to New York Fashion Week 2010

Alexander Wang Fall 2010

Rag & Bone Fall 2010

Erin Wasson X RVCA

Wangy, Wang, Wang! He never stops impressing and surprising us with his incredible designs only thinkable from the fashion gods themselves. His pieces are extremely beautiful yet, when I see his collections, I picture simple, basic clothing falling into a vat of toxic waste then coming out all souped up and amazing. I want to say that my favorite garment was the studded/beaded/I don't know/polka dotted black blazer that Abby Lee wore in the show. It could be worn as a crisp, business blazer or a going-out number that will blow everyone's mind away.
Wang man, keep up the fabulous, please!
The Rag & Bone collection made me ask myself, "Does my father own any cardigans?" What was your first thought?? All of these chunky, over-sized pieces for fall make me want to raid my mother's, father's, and brother's closets and layer any cold-colored sweaters I can lay my ring- covered fingers on. The layers and layers of scarfs, sweaters, cardigans and coats are very inspirational for all of us to be fearless and unafraid to envelop ourselves in two, three, maybe even four layers of warmth this fall. All hail the never-ending layers and bulky scarves. (Even though its never-ending sun and heat here in Southern California, I am going to try these looks anyway:D)
Miss Wasson, I am somewhat quite in love with the white scheme going on here. The easy-going designs make me want to wear white all the time. The tattered and distressed pieces made me want to take a cheese grater to my closet! Thank you for that:) What do you guys think of the pre-torn/warn-out clothing these days in fashion? I love it! Any who, I really enjoyed the warmth and coziness of most of these garments, especially that hat with the fuzz Mohawk. Erin really hit the nail on the head by incorporating fresh, breezy whites with the cold weather that fall brings.


Betsy said...

your outfit is gorgeous!

M* said...

I've loved Rag&Bone new collection!


amazing post, love love love it !


amazing post, love love love it !

MIA said...

my favourite shows of the season!

daisychain said...

Oh what a lustworthy post.

MOLLYKT said...

i could literally wear 100% of rag and bone

Anonymous said...

i am quite in love with those sidebar photos, wouldn't change a one.

P.S holy karl and tavi arm in arm....i think the photo of the style gods is a must;)

Calypso said...

Wang Wang Wang haha I love this, he is awesome. Great picks and comments, I love your blog but please post soon again!

Love from Calypso

Juan-Carlos said...

Gorgeous posts like always dearies! <3