Monday, March 30, 2009

i am now on task.

Back to the old grind. school was long and the outfit was great. i wore my dads Levi's shirt, three brown leather belts, stellar tights and thrift boots. it all went together well i though. what do you think? wish us luck, we entered the Waffles and Falaffles next top model contest....fingers crossed.


Alice X said...

your so pretty:) i love your shirt dress.

Yuka said...

the triple belt is pretty rad!

Fashionology said...

I love the denim! <3

Victoria C said...

Love the shirt and the multiple belts!! I've never attempted the belt idea for fear of looking silly but you've inspired me to!

nuha nuha said...


kick ass. ;]

thanks for the comment! Appreciate it, am linking you because oh you're too nice and i love your style ;];]


Vanessa said...

i have the same tights!
the three belts look great together!