Friday, April 3, 2009

"earth was made to hold you and me until our own world is built"-Bianca

The Red Balloon

The little girl had a friend
Her friend was red and could bend
Her friend was a red balloon
She loved her friend as many miles it took to get to the moon

One day they were walking in the park
The red balloon loved the girl with all her heart
They played and ran
They always had these plans
Today they got ice cream from the man at the park
They loved picking their favorite flavor from the cart

Then a boy walked by and he had a friend too
He had a balloon and it was blue
It looked as if they loved each other just like the girl and her red balloon do

The girl knew from the second she saw them
She would loose her little red gem
It was time for her red balloon to find a real friend
One that she could be with forever and depend

The balloons saw each other and feel in love at first sight
The little boy and girl were not going to start a fight
They both knew that this day would come
It was alright though, because in their days, they had fun

- Bianca

P.S my Donald Duck pin was made from an amazing plush toy i found in my mini wheat's box this morning while pouring my breakfast. then i pinned him on me!


Daniel said...

I like your pictures!
especially of donald duck and the wheaties!

great post btw!

tracyjacks said...

thankyou so much for the comment :0

i lurvvvveeee your outfit so much, its so original :)


Casey said...

God, I LOVE those boots!

Couture Carrie said...

What a fun cereal surprise! You look fab, darling!


♥ fashion chalet said...

Fiercely cool boots, and Donald Duck was always my favorite!!!! lol.. :]


Carolina Botelho said...

you look lovely! I love the boots :)

Fashionology said...

Love your look!! Your lace up boots are amazing! <3

Bailee said...

you are soo cool. i cant believe it. hahahah wait i can jaiiii HOO

Libby said...

The boots are edgy but i love how you made the outfit playful with donald duck!

Paperface said...

I love your little Donald Duck idea. It's very sweet.

Alice X said...

OOO i love your top! and the jewlery, so sweet.

Victoria C said...

those boots are unreal. very cool outfit xx

Unicorn Alliance said...

that tee is amaazing I so want one :)

Isa said...

sweetheart, you look like rosaria dawson in 'rent'- which is like the epitome of bohemian hotness.
wait, sienna is but you get the main point. ;)


Anonymous said...

wow you're so ridiculously gorgeous!! what's your background?