Friday, January 29, 2010

walls & canvas.

These four walls that i have devoted much time to matching the dream i once had about a tea party inspire me everyday to dream, live and be different. My room is my happy place.
Usually on Friday nights not much painting occurs, but tonight was special because Isabella and i decided to become one and paint this just for the lovely sake of painting.


Julls said...

Your room is for sure,AMAZING !

Gon said...

Love the painting!


Camilla said...

Your room is the most adorable cute thing EVER.


pilcuis said...

wow you have much talent for interior design love it :)

also i love your paint

divine bunny said...

the first photo makes me want to decorate!

Walk The Sand said...

Beautiful beautiful room.

miss_vogue said...

wow this is so inspiring!

Lauren said...

absolutely stunning! i love the owl, the color of the room, ahhh everything! i am in major re-vamp mode with my room now, this just adds fuel to the flame!

Chelsea said...

Wow, this is incredible - I love your style!

Enchanted Gardens said...

Room like this would my happy place too :)
You two girls have one badass style, love it!

Molly Rose said...

beautiful painting, i love the expression in her face.

nuha nuha said...

dear you, you girls are lovely. ;)

j'dore the painting


Adela said...

gorgeous room! i love that vintage birdcage!

Anna said...

i love your bedroom!

Juan-Carlos said...

I have been going to art shows around san diego lately, so i appreciate the detail in your rooms decor! love it plus your painting is sooo cyut! :D

We should all go to art shows together sometime! Join the groups haha.


Juan-Carlos said...

Your room is amazing Bianca! I am quite Jealous if this is your room. We need to go to an art show together btw.

luv chu!