Sunday, June 13, 2010

dress up box.

I am pretty sure I have never been satisfied with my decisions on costumes when it comes to costume parties. HOWEVER, this go around, I WAS SO SATISFIED! Bailee and I decided to be only the two coolest, most fashionably advanced(maybe only in our opinion, what do you think?;)) singers on the face of the planet, Lykke Li and M.I.A. Yes, I know, crazy right? I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we enjoyed the whole experience!


MIA said...

ahah really cool indeed

kyeongheelee12 said...

you have incredible hair!!! it's beautiful and lush

Anonymous said...


love it


CC said...

Fabulosity! Love the fork bracelet. :)

Julls said...

You are so crazy,girl =)) Love the MIA inspiration,your hands looook so great.I`m surprised and happy :) because last Christmas,my Dad made a fork-bracelet for me and I haven`t seen anyone with a fork-bracelet :X

IFB said...

All those rings are amazing!
Cara from IFB

joninel said...

i want the rings!!! :)

Fuji Files said...

Haha I love this! Will keep in mind for my next costume party ;)

xx Cristina

ARANXA. said...

i really love your blog :)
amazing outfits
M.I.A and Lykke Li are one of my fav singers

Yaary said...

cuutee rings!

Juan-Carlos said...

Once again I will say that I just adore these pictures! :)