Saturday, August 7, 2010


My kittens i am off to Chicago, i will fill you in on all the pretty details when i return! Love you Crumpets readers!


Abi said...

That's a beautiful photo! I've always wanted to visit Chicago. Hope you have tonnes of fun there!

By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog. Do come by more often ;)

LittleWelshGirl said...

Enjoy, I'm very jealous of all your travelling :)

Hannah said...

Have an incredible time. The windy city is amazing!

Hannah x

JC. said...

have fun there <3. i read your old post, love your blog.

Esther said...

ohh lucky much!! have fun at chicago! :)

armando said...

i miss ya so frikin much!!!!!!!!!!!
have fun! i'm so jealous i'm starting school on monday hmmmm
but i still love ya though

armando said...

hmmm i'm jealous!!!!!!!!!!!
i love chicago
i love you though
i miss ya so frikin much dude!
wright to me!
love ya